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[ The feed clicks on and shows not one, but two-almost-Karamatsus. The difference between them is easy to see once you find it: Karamatsu’s confident posture and Ichimatsu’s slouch— Karamatsu’s bold eyebrows and Ichimatsu’s stubby ones. Yes, this is one out of the five other identical brothers that Karamatsu has. Some of you have met them both and maybe have noticed the difference right away, others may still be struggling to tell them apart. Here they are, side by side, though, and it may be hard to make out good details of them in the dim light. Karamatsu clears his throat, looking rather serious for a change. It takes him awhile to speak, running one hand down his face and curving it around his chin, obviously distressed by all of this. Ichimatsu? Not so much. ]

Ah, good evening, everyone. It’s I, Karamatsu.
It’s been.. awhile since I have spoken with you all, but I come baring some tragic news. Yesterday, me and my brother took a walk through the atrium to find better sources of light. What we found was something else. In the trees, we found the gruesome display of organs thrown over the vegetation in a horrific showcase. A—ah, that’s.. not all that we have found..

[ He looks a little pale just talking about this and for a moment he has to pardon himself out of the camera. ]

...You’re still sick about that? Pansy.

[Ah, there’s another difference. While they both speak in deeper voices than one might expect from their looks, Ichimatsu speaks much less clearly, barely opening his mouth and mumbling as opposed to Karamatsu’s clear enunciation. Nevermind the fact that Ichimatsu looks approximately like he’s not used a hairbrush in a week. He rolls his shoulders and takes over, scrunching his face at his brother off-screen.]

There was a boot in the trail, dunno what happened to the other one. The viscera was all up in the trees, like he said, but it was too dark to really tell what was where and if any of them was still intact. There was also a heart in a gold box-- we surrendered it to find out who it belonged to, so I guess there’s not really anything for a burial.

[ Karamatsu returns to the feed, wiping his lips across his sleeve. ]
….For those of you who are friends and family of a passenger named “Rey” … my condolences go out to you. Please keep close to those people you love. Thank you.
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[He pretty obviously didn't mean to turn on the video function, from the way he's just staring dully at his wristband and then jerks away from it startled when he notices the feed going.]

...fuckin', weird space technology.

[An odd, stilted voice from out of view filters up to the feed. It's pretty neat, really., it says, and Ichimatsu's sparse little eyebrows crash together and he looks down. A moment later, the feed whirls as he moves and hefts a bizarre-looking orange cat into his lap, and he folds his free hand gently over the feline's ears.]

You're gonna have to stop doing that.

[The cat's mouth moves, but he just stares blankly ahead like he has no real idea he's speaking in the first place.] You're gonna make people wanna steal you and sell you again.

[A slow, huffed sigh, and Ichimatsu frowns at the communicator.], uh. My cat can talk, do us both a favor and don't try to steal him and sell him.

I'll pull out your entrails and feed them to you.

[He chokes, and covers the cat's mouth this time.] Stop that!!
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[video feels most natural to the princess, and from the lighting and background of the feed it's apparent she's recording this not on the Eluvio, but from her own ship. she also looks quite serious about what she's about to say. oh and her voice is like...British but very obviously not actually British.]

To those few of us on the network: Greetings. I am Princess Allura of the Castle of Lions, and I have been traveling with the fleet for well over a month at this point in time. It has come to my attention that...not only is some Earthling holiday fast approaching, but more importantly there are new arrivals having been brought in by the very anomalies that have trapped us here.

[and yes!! you have heard her loud and clear: she said trapped.]

I wish to extend my own personal welcome to these newcomers, but I also regret to inform you that the nature of this fleet may not pleasant as you may have hoped. Just recently, a handful of teams had been sent down to what had once been a nearby planet, Oros, to not only research the land and its people, but to retrieve a relic of sorts, of which the nature has still not been made clear to the rest of us.

[Allura frowns, expression hard, and there's an obvious pause as she attempts to gather herself, looking away from the camera momentarily.]

Somehow, something had went wrong during these missions, and the planet Oros was destroyed. The Fek and the Trilk who walk among us as fellow passengers are the very last of their kind; refugees due to...what I hope to say had been a mistake.

I am not looking to lower morale, or take anything away from the upcoming holiday if you are to celebrate it. But I only look to inform newcomers of the situation they have arrived to, ask that we continue to extend our hospitality to those who have lost everything.


Also, among our newcomers are the Paladins of Voltron, and while that name may mean little here, we still have a duty to uphold as Defenders of the Universe. [SORRY GUYS YOU AREN'T GETTING ANY VACATION TIME HERE.] And it is with their arrival and recollection of events that have not yet happened that beginning to suspect that our being here may not go noticed or even change what goes on back where we're from.
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[ Although the image is mostly Wash's face, there's enough background in the shot to make it clear that he's standing in one of the Eluvio's corridors. There's a door behind him and just off to the left is a sign that reads: SIMSPACE. Once the feed's going, he jerks his thumb back toward the door. ]

If I don't come out of here in like a day, send someone in to get me.

[ He pauses, making a slightly exasperated, slightly apologetic face. ]

And hey, if using this thing unleashes some kind of virtual reality nightmare on everybody, sorry. [ Does that require a little clarification? Maybe it requires some clarification. ] I've seen the old movies. I know how this shit goes.

[ Agent Washington. Always a pessimist. He offers a faint, tiny smile. ]

Otherwise, if anybody wants to visit one of the beaches on my homeworld, come on down. I can give you the grand tour.

( ooc: i figured the eluvio could use its own version of the holodeck! i posted a thing to the locations list so if there's anyone else who wants to take advantage of these things, be my guest! )
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Alright, everybody, listen up! Beta's on their way out and we need to move.

Alpha, I need you all to wreck what you can. Make it loud, make it messy, try not to kill any teammates in the process. [ which is to say, if you're going to blow up anything (and she really hope you will) make sure none of your friends are nearby. ] Beta, I don't care which one of you has the relic, but if you clump together and the Trilk get it back, mission failure's all on you. Everyone's running decoy and distraction here. We need it. We'll rendezvous in the shaded valley due south and if you're not there in half an hour, we're leaving you.

[ unless it's the poor sap with the relic, or someone manages to coax a few more minutes of sympathy into her. her voice doesn't give much room for it right now, but she just wants to get everyone moving to safety asap. ]

Got it? Thirty minutes starting now. Sync.

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[Looks like there’s a particularly lanky teenager wearing a really dumb looking hat hanging out at the food court in the shopping center.]

I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time by going whoa hey wow outer space! Despite the fact that I'm feeling a little of that cosmic insignificance right now, and also kinda wishing I knew literally anything about space? I don’t even have a strong opinion on Pluto being a dwarf planet. That’s where I’m at, space-wise.

But nah, you've heard it all before. Instead, I’ve just got one question for the rest of you— [And he turns the camera to give everyone a flawless view of his beautiful creation. Work was boring! He has to express himself somehow!]

Anybody wanna eat my face?
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[ Ending up on a space craft without as much explanation as Karamatsu would have liked (you'll find out quickly he's a wordy one) has undoubtedly sent this (1) NEET into a low-key, anxious fit. His personality and character type isn't fit for a place like this— he has had a hard enough time making a life of his own on Earth, how the hell is he supposed to survive here?
It's a fear that after awhile, he's trying to keep hidden. Nobody can know about it.

It's finally time for him to make his debut to everyone.

He's posed, looking as if he's been practicing (he has) for this moment. He's wearing sunglasses in his quarters, leaning most of his weight on his elbow against the wall and his other hand is on his hip. His communicator is feeding from a distance off, as if it is set on something.
The lighting is dramatic— the composition was impeccable. It was almost as if he was recording himself for a movie picture.

Then, without warning, he begins shitprosing: ]

So divine Fate has brought us all together, hasn't it? It is no problem, as we cannot change the course it has predestined for us. It is for the better that we make the best of it— to love one another with the highest purity— to work together and be cooperative.
I know we can do it. I believe in you.
[ He takes a moment to pull out a comb and slick part of his hair back. ]

My name is Matsuno Karamatsu. I am the second eldest in a litter of sextuplets. I am looking for my beloved, long-lost and long-separated brothers: Osomatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu, as Mommy would be worried sick to find us all missing but also not all together, either. They should not be hard to fine, ah, as they are all blessed with my handsome face. If you should see one of them, please let them know their dear brother is looking for them.

As for my skills to assist the the best of my ability, I have provided a list for you. I do hope I can do whatever I can for you all as I care for your well-being and our operations at hand! Hmph— I hope you are dazzled and impressed.

[ there's a text message following soon after: ]

cut for bullshit )
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[ never let it be said that sera lacks determination. also never let it be said that these communicators aren't resilient.

she's tried to break hers three times; she's also failed three times.

eventually she decides (perhaps as a coping mechanism more than anything) that the devices might be sort of like the mark on the inquisitor's hand: ugly, scary, unnecessarily glowy (the list of negatives goes on and on) but ultimately sort of useful. meaning, she still wants to break it but she also has a very important question and doesn't want to venture out into the "world" to ask real people, so she'll ask the thing instead. ]


What's a gossip mag?

Also, whose butts need inspecting? Not saying I'm doing it. I just want to know.

[ chief butt inspector doesn't sound like a real job anyway but you never know. ]
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[Reim understands absolutely nothing about... outer space, even after the initial orientation, so there's only one solution: writing himself a report about it. It's a force of habit, and he doesn't intend to share it at first (hence the strange heading) but he figures he might as well use it to present his various inquiries. He's going to be writing it anyway, so...

Well, it's better than looking out any windows and getting ulcers from space.]

Report 1 (Rough draft) | Month X/Day X | Author: Reim Lunettes

We appear to be in outer space.

The author (hereafter "I/me") is unfamiliar with the concept of "space" as it has been presented here (more accurate word: the Heavens? This lacks the atmosphere of something heavenly...) but has taken up the task of organizing the information presented haphazardly during "Orientation."

I was able to speak with the attendant upon (...) waking, but unable to ascertain any pertinent information. The conversation began as follows:

Q. (to attendant) What is going on here?
A. All of your questions will be answered in a moment at Orientation.

While perhaps my demeanor had been more frantic than can be accurately portrayed here in words, all manner of simple questions were regarded in this fashion. Then, proceeding into the next room to watch a moving picture that continued to make absolutely no logical sense, followed by being presented with the following and left to my own devices:

• An uncomfortably small uniform. I do not think it will fit me.
• Some kind of pendant.
• This device.
• Additional information that still has yet to explain in full what a "starship" is but does at least provide some helpful rules and regulations to adjust to living aboard one. Whatever it may be.
• The stars are outside. I will have to ask someone for medication to eliminate vertigo.
• A transcription of the moving picture that still does not make an ounce of sense.

To this end, being left to my own devices as I am, I am currently making arrangements to seek additional counsel about what is actually going on here and why this bag has been referred to as a "duffel." Interviews with those who have been here longer than I will be conducted in the following format:


Q. Hello. My name is Reim Lunettes and I would like to have a moment of your time. What is your name?

Q. Have you ever been to "space" before?

Q. How familiar are you with the items found aboard this "starship"?

Q. What items were packed inside your "duffel"?

With these questions, I believe I will be able to report back with a more thorough understanding of the situation.

[Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this report that is half serious and half fed up with not understanding why everything glows and the pictures move. This is probably deserving of ridicule, but only a little.]
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Getting comfortable, folks? I hope you're happy with the jobs you've been given at our raunchy local businesses ... I have some information coming your way next month with my first report for Backdoor Entry, you might be interested -

Do you want a sneak peek?
Bloody New Arrival Found with Foreign Contaminant on Clothes, Claims "It's Not Mine!"

Local Lavatory Expert Spotted Leaving Men's Washroom After Disturbing Sounds Overheard!

Unwilling Source States "Dead Back Home", the Impossible is Possible!
Let me know what you think since I'm open for suggestions ... Lately, have you seen anything downright dirty, delicious, or diabolical? Dish out the gossip and you'll get a nice reward

Hasta luego readers
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[ It's been a few hours since orientation— some of you may have noticed the short, red haired teen that kept asking way too many questions to any personnel he could. If anybody any bothered to look at him closer, they'd see a pair of furry ears on his head and a long, slender tail behind him. Remember him? Here he is again. Just in a less obnoxious form. Kind of.

He's been argumentative with everyone, personnel and other characters from the start. He's too stressed out and displeased with the outcome here, but he's been lingering in his quarters, looks like he's ready to talk again. Brace yourself: ]

O.K. this is stupid 
since MOST of u are too weenie to speak to every1 i guess i'll say something too
THE ALMIGHTY ME has been wondering a lot about u guys and crap so here we go with an important question


[ that's it. That's the question. Very profound. Wow.
He doesn't even bother to introduce himself? Rude. ]

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