Jan. 8th, 2017

brightline: (incredulous)
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hey all, quick question here. trying to work something out.

did any of you meet up with people from home here? did you show up together to go to orientation and all that?

if so, did you get yanked from the same moment in time?
slackbeard: (Bohemian Radishy)
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[Looks like there’s a particularly lanky teenager wearing a really dumb looking hat hanging out at the food court in the shopping center.]

I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time by going whoa hey wow outer space! Despite the fact that I'm feeling a little of that cosmic insignificance right now, and also kinda wishing I knew literally anything about space? I don’t even have a strong opinion on Pluto being a dwarf planet. That’s where I’m at, space-wise.

But nah, you've heard it all before. Instead, I’ve just got one question for the rest of you— [And he turns the camera to give everyone a flawless view of his beautiful creation. Work was boring! He has to express himself somehow!]

Anybody wanna eat my face?

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