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<I have discovered another body in a corridor near the general commerce area. I have sent the remains to the medical bay for examination. I will update once they have been identified.>

[A pause.]

<And if anyone has information regarding Marco's whereabouts, I would appreciate hearing it.>

[TEXT UPDATE, forward dated to 24 hours later, 2/25 evening]

according to the lab data the remains are those of ukoku sanzo. my condolences to anyone who knew him

[He's skeptical, though. Who says the data is true?]
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[ When the feed click on, Tony manages to look annoyed and impressed all at once (you know, those emotions that he manages to bring out in other people pretty much all the time). He is sitting at a desk, the communicator propped up against something, and he has a small screwdriver (the micro kind) between his teeth as he speaks.]

So just how much shit am I going to get in if I try to take this apart and merge it with my Stark Phone? Not that I really care about how much shit I get in, but-- I mean, it is shiny new alien tech and you just gave it to me, you gotta know I'm gonna try taking it apart.

[ And figuring out ways to hack it. And make it better. And--

He takes the micro screwdriver out of his mouth and flashes a sharp smile.]

Also, as far as kidnappings go, this has gotta be one of the nicer ones, so no complaints here. Though I gotta know; anywhere I can get my hands on some more tools? Maybe a spare communicator, or three, or maybe an interface with the ship's core navigational systems...

[ That last one is said with only the slightest hint of 'I'm kidding' (because he isn't kidding, he is going to look for one no matter how much he has already been told 'NO', that's just like taunting him ok).]

Oh, and where might I find alcohol? Is that a thing in this section of space? I hope it is because I really don't want to try distilling my own shit again, that was a disaster the first three times and I really don't think I have managed to get better.
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[Abruptly, there's the sound of blades cutting through ice coming from the communicators as the figure skater on screen does a quick lap around what appears to be an ice rink. Then, there's a shift in his center of gravity before he's jumping, landing a triple axel with ease. The air of grace disappears as soon as the figure skater catches sight of the camera pointed at him.]

Viktor! [Some might recognize Yuuri's voice before he glides closer, a look of dismay on his face.] You said you weren't recording yet!

Ah, but Yuuri! You were skating so wonderfully, I couldn't resist! [Viktor doesn't sound apologetic, but as the image shifts, he comes on screen, smiling at the camera and holding up his free hand to wave.] Hello, friends of the Eluvio! Yuuri and I wanted to extend you a formal invitation to Eluvio's skating rink, the Ice Palace.

[Yuuri, apparently having resigned himself to delivering the message this way, just sighs with exasperation as he reaches Viktor at the side of the rink.] Um, we're going to be hosting a short exhibition show on Valentine's Day, too. Viktor thought it'd be a good idea, since a lot of people onboard haven't seen figure skating before. And there's going to be food...? [He trails off, looking at Viktor for confirmation.]

[Viktor nods to confirm, flashing another smile.] Horderves and shaved ice. No chocolates! You'll have to make or bring your own. [This last part said with a wink as he brings his finger up to rest against his lips.]

[Viktor's comment makes Yuuri pause.] Actually, about the chocolates, has anyone managed to find a store that sells chocolate molds? I've been looking all over the Shopping Centre for them. [Then, he remembers why they're making the video in the first place, and he blushes as he steers himself back on track.] A-anyway, please come join us for the exhibition! You're welcome to come earlier and see the rink for yourself before then, too.

[With that, he'll give a shallow, polite sort of bow before reaching over to turn the camera off.]

(ooc: As a note, I'll be posting an open valentines chocolate-making workshop log in a few days, and everyone is welcome to jump in, whether you tag this post or not!)
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[ The lighting is a little dim when the feed clicks on, the time of day pretty ambiguous. Is it morning? Night? Afternoon? We just don't know. The picture wobbles for a moment or two before Jason gets himself into view. There's a liquid sort of smile on his lips, his eyes lidded a bit heavily. It's clear someone's having fun. A little too much fun. In the background there's muffled thumping music; in the foreground Jason lifts a glass like a toast. ]

Hey. So, here's the thing. [ He takes a drink from the glass then noisily sets it down.  ] I know some of you are down on that planet doing shit or whatever. But listen— [ he brings the device closer, the picture going dark as it nearly presses against his cheek, ] listen. I have a request, okay?

[ He pulls the device back, still wearing a smile, but so totally serious. It's serious!! Are you guys listening?? ]

Bring me something back. [ His free hand lifts to mime smoking something against his mouth. ] Some good shit. Gotta be some cool alien shit down there, right?? [ He points his index finger up. ] No hallucinogenics, though. Oh! [ He looks excited for a second, index finger and thumb forming into the shape of a gun. ] Or some sweet alien weapons. How cool would that be??

[ Yes. He actually wastes time making what he thinks are alien gun noises. So a couple wooshes and pew-pew's. Thankfully, he does stop and sits there quietly for a moment or two. Then he gets up and takes a few steps, ]

The rest of you stuck up here like the chumps we are, come join me if you want. [ The music gets louder as he opens the door. ] It's fun! Let's have some fuckin' fun!

[ The camera pans out. He's in a club. A strip club. Women, men, naked, half-naked. It's fun!!! It's all good. Jason yells something unintelligible off-screen just before it goes black. ]
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[ The crew jumpsuit they gave him is tight with bright purple stripes running the length of it, when he's used to baggy plain grey. Wearing it he feels more like a podracer superstar than a former Imperial cargo pilot, which in turn makes him both slightly more confident and slightly more nervous, his body language all crossed legs and fidgeting. His dark eyes dart, nervous. ]

Listen. Listen. Hello, yes, listen, I need help.

[ He sounds a little urgent about it, voice dropped low. ]

Um, I've followed the instructions, and turned up to work, and I want to work, I do. It's the least I could do, I think.

[ He feels grateful enough to even be here that he's fallen immediately back into the old routine of following orders, and after the initial introduction and orientation was over his orders were to report for his first shift at the electronics store. So he's done that before even going to see if the directions to his ship held true. Before even seeing Cassian and Jyn. And that has... well, proven to be a mistake. ]

I've worked out how to send a message — assuming anyone actually sees this — but I don't really know how to fix them. Does anybody have any tips about using the technology here? It's just a little, um, different from what I'm used to. Okay. Thank you.

[ He seems a little sheepish about having to ask at all, grimacing to himself as he ends the transmission and signs off. ]
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hello it is me again

regarding the recent announcement and what i heard two days ago i think it is possible that we will be seeing conflict in the near future as i suspect some form of rescue is taking place

as some of us who have been drawn in by this ship's systems malfunction seem to be civilians if anyone is interested in combat training please see myself or marco for basic instruction

alternatively if anyone else experienced is willing to tutor it would be appreciated as i am unaccustomed to fighting when humanoid and am unsure if i would be able to teach constructively
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[For those uninitiated, suddenly experiencing thought-speak is probably pretty strange. It's sort-of-but-not-quite like telepathy, almost, and it's apparently coming out of your communicator. Weird!

The "voice," such as it is, sounds young, male, and somewhat wary.]


Does anyone here know what "protocol S-1704" is?>
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What waits for you, back where you came from?

You can be as specific or nonspecific as you like, really. A person, a place, a thing, a concept, a task. A belief. A dream.


I'm just curious, I guess.

Also, for those who don't wish to give out even vaguely personal information to unknown strangers in an unknown place: how many of you are from pre-spaceflight planets?
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[Reim understands absolutely nothing about... outer space, even after the initial orientation, so there's only one solution: writing himself a report about it. It's a force of habit, and he doesn't intend to share it at first (hence the strange heading) but he figures he might as well use it to present his various inquiries. He's going to be writing it anyway, so...

Well, it's better than looking out any windows and getting ulcers from space.]

Report 1 (Rough draft) | Month X/Day X | Author: Reim Lunettes

We appear to be in outer space.

The author (hereafter "I/me") is unfamiliar with the concept of "space" as it has been presented here (more accurate word: the Heavens? This lacks the atmosphere of something heavenly...) but has taken up the task of organizing the information presented haphazardly during "Orientation."

I was able to speak with the attendant upon (...) waking, but unable to ascertain any pertinent information. The conversation began as follows:

Q. (to attendant) What is going on here?
A. All of your questions will be answered in a moment at Orientation.

While perhaps my demeanor had been more frantic than can be accurately portrayed here in words, all manner of simple questions were regarded in this fashion. Then, proceeding into the next room to watch a moving picture that continued to make absolutely no logical sense, followed by being presented with the following and left to my own devices:

• An uncomfortably small uniform. I do not think it will fit me.
• Some kind of pendant.
• This device.
• Additional information that still has yet to explain in full what a "starship" is but does at least provide some helpful rules and regulations to adjust to living aboard one. Whatever it may be.
• The stars are outside. I will have to ask someone for medication to eliminate vertigo.
• A transcription of the moving picture that still does not make an ounce of sense.

To this end, being left to my own devices as I am, I am currently making arrangements to seek additional counsel about what is actually going on here and why this bag has been referred to as a "duffel." Interviews with those who have been here longer than I will be conducted in the following format:


Q. Hello. My name is Reim Lunettes and I would like to have a moment of your time. What is your name?

Q. Have you ever been to "space" before?

Q. How familiar are you with the items found aboard this "starship"?

Q. What items were packed inside your "duffel"?

With these questions, I believe I will be able to report back with a more thorough understanding of the situation.

[Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this report that is half serious and half fed up with not understanding why everything glows and the pictures move. This is probably deserving of ridicule, but only a little.]
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Getting comfortable, folks? I hope you're happy with the jobs you've been given at our raunchy local businesses ... I have some information coming your way next month with my first report for Backdoor Entry, you might be interested -

Do you want a sneak peek?
Bloody New Arrival Found with Foreign Contaminant on Clothes, Claims "It's Not Mine!"

Local Lavatory Expert Spotted Leaving Men's Washroom After Disturbing Sounds Overheard!

Unwilling Source States "Dead Back Home", the Impossible is Possible!
Let me know what you think since I'm open for suggestions ... Lately, have you seen anything downright dirty, delicious, or diabolical? Dish out the gossip and you'll get a nice reward

Hasta luego readers
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[ It's been a few hours since orientation— some of you may have noticed the short, red haired teen that kept asking way too many questions to any personnel he could. If anybody any bothered to look at him closer, they'd see a pair of furry ears on his head and a long, slender tail behind him. Remember him? Here he is again. Just in a less obnoxious form. Kind of.

He's been argumentative with everyone, personnel and other characters from the start. He's too stressed out and displeased with the outcome here, but he's been lingering in his quarters, looks like he's ready to talk again. Brace yourself: ]

O.K. this is stupid 
since MOST of u are too weenie to speak to every1 i guess i'll say something too
THE ALMIGHTY ME has been wondering a lot about u guys and crap so here we go with an important question


[ that's it. That's the question. Very profound. Wow.
He doesn't even bother to introduce himself? Rude. ]
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There's quite a few of us who are new arrivals, yeah? I'm told we should make ourselves comfortable and get to know our neighbors. It's been eight months since I last really moved anywhere, so hello! My name is Victor Nikiforov. If any one of you feels like discussing our new location or occupations or anything else, please join me for a drink!

[ He even includes a ping for the bar he's at. Conversations up to this point have been anything but promising. So here he is. In space. Surrounded by space people. Talking to other "we did not want to end up in space, probably" people. ]

Also, three questions! Who is fond of dogs, is there anything like Instagram on these, and who knows anything about figure skating?

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