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[ dutch can't sleep. it's not surprising, with the secret she's had to share for the sake of this mission bringing back old demons, with her best friend johnny gone and people who've disappeared murdered. ]

so who's enjoying what bajikan has to offer? [ "are you enjoying having your minds messed with?" is what she's really asking. it's a sore spot, that, so don't mind her. ]

if you're not too busy fighting, napping or fucking, why don't you help a girl out. two lies and a truth. i'm bored stiff, so i'll start:

1. i love this planet.
2. the captain's been answering all my questions.
3. i'm looking forward to beating the shit out of something or someone when i get back on board. volunteers welcome.

[ she really, really needs a distraction. ]
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[ Yet another new face to greet the network, and likely not for the first time, it's the face of someone who's clearly bent over backwards to try and figure out where he is and how he got here. To no avail, evidently. He's stranded, pretty much, he's managed to figure that much out.

But that's not even what's the most puzzling about all this. You see, traveling across the galaxy has made him more prone to accept that he can get snatched up, either on purpose or by accident, or even that he might trip over some dimension-breaking wormhole and end up in an alternate reality.

At least this one doesn't have another version of him (so far), so there's that.

But anyway. Onto trying to figure some things out, at least. ]

This is Captain James T. Kirk, of the USS Enterprise. I understand that likely means nothing to most of you, if not everyone, but I'll make it quick: the Enterprise is the flagship of the United Federation of Planets, operated by Starfleet, from the 23rd century, year 2263.

[ He'll skip on explaining the Federation or Starfleet for now. If anyone asks then he'll get into more detail. More pressing matters, though. ]

My ship is here, but my crew is not. Not unless I'm missing something, and if anyone can tell me where should I go to look for them, then I'd appreciate it. I... welcome the help of the Eluvio crew being on board to help me run my ship, [ No he doesn't. ] but I'd much rather have my crew, as you can likely imagine.

[ He sighs quietly, a show of frustration more than anything else. ]

On an unrelated note, would anyone mind taking a couple of hours to explain to me how currency works? I'm not... used to handling it. I'm crap at it too, if we're being completely honest. [ Seriously, does he really have to have a job? Ugh. ]

Other than that... well, I guess we're all stuck here, so I'd like to get to know everyone to some degree. So hit me up and let's chat sometime.

[ There, harmless and vague enough. And with a friendly smile, he leans in to end the feed. ]

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