Jan. 3rd, 2017

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[ The video opens on a man's face, a little too close up for a few seconds. Then he pulls the arm with the communicator back, lengthening the shot and showing vegetation behind him. He's in the atrium, currently sitting on a low hanging tree branch. ]

Hello, alien-abducted internet peoples.

[ He says it cheerfully, with a smile and a wave. For a man who comes from a world without shit like this, he's unperturbed. Possibly because he thinks it's a drug-induced hallucination. ]

How are you today? [ He gestures off to the side. ] This is crazy, no? Outer space and shit. It's like a movie.

[ The image shakes a little as he starts digging through his pants pocket. Eventually, he pulls out a joint and, remembering that he's in the middle of talking to people, asks; ]

Hey, does anybody have a lighter?
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[ never let it be said that sera lacks determination. also never let it be said that these communicators aren't resilient.

she's tried to break hers three times; she's also failed three times.

eventually she decides (perhaps as a coping mechanism more than anything) that the devices might be sort of like the mark on the inquisitor's hand: ugly, scary, unnecessarily glowy (the list of negatives goes on and on) but ultimately sort of useful. meaning, she still wants to break it but she also has a very important question and doesn't want to venture out into the "world" to ask real people, so she'll ask the thing instead. ]


What's a gossip mag?

Also, whose butts need inspecting? Not saying I'm doing it. I just want to know.

[ chief butt inspector doesn't sound like a real job anyway but you never know. ]
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[So, space kidnapping—Junpei isn't a fan. He doesn't believe the "anomaly" stuff and he definitely doesn't want to hear more explanations; until someone shows him real and possibly tangible proof that this isn't just space kidnapping, he's not going to believe it! Easy!

Less easy: calming the hell down. If he's been kidnapped this makes it the third time, and he's already certain that any second now all the doors on the ship are going to slam shut and lock and he'll have to do something unspeakable just to survive. Again. A hasty search determines he at least doesn't know anyone here (it's both a relief and a shame, but whatever), and so the next thing he does is cheerfully (he's not cheerful) head off to start working his new job immediately.

Because his new job is getting drunk (not in so many words), and he needs a drink or twelve. He's on the network after that, his wrist comm clearly not on his wrist for he's very pointedly pulled it off and set it, for now, on what appears to be the bar itself.]

Heyyy, space cadets! [He waves a beer.] How many of you are missing out on the space beer right now, huh? There's a ton of it! C'mon down and live a little, before we're not living anymore!

[Just gonna take a long swig of this on camera... cool. Anyway,] I'm serious, there's no time like the present, right?! Before somebody comes along and makes us all hate each other, let's do this!

[The video shakes a lot at this point as he drunkenly figures out how to turn it off. That's it... that's the message.]

SEVERAL HOURS LATER, a shameful second video, much briefer:
[Mr. Drunk and Disorderly is back, looking worse for wear than before. Ha ha... oops.]

Uh... hey. Sorry anyone who had to see that before. I'm totally fine now! And if you have no idea what I'm talking about—don't ask. Seriously. Please.

[fucking.....nailed it]

(ooc; please feel free to judge him while he's sloshed or afterwards, consider this a double-prompt post)

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