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Hello, internet peoples!

[ Getting right to the point, Vaas pans the camera around to show the Red Lion of Voltron sitting in the hangar, now sporting a fresh coat of thick black tiger stripes. ]

Anyone want to help me get this tiger I found into the atrium? I will give you some steaks for your trouble.

[ Fair warning: these steaks are made from the Fek Vaas and Reaper killed during their hunting expedition. Also they're going to have to dismantle the Red Lion. It's not going to fit through the doorways. ]
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[ What is happening? Why is this happening?? Is this happening???? ]
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[ He has to watch this a few times before he can admit to himself that, yes, this is really actually happening. ]

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It's not a tiger, it's a lion—what the—
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Why did you paint it?! What is the matter with you!!!
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You can't just do something like that! It's not even yours!

[ He's so angry right now. It's sort of embarrassing because he's nearly shrieking with rage. ]
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[ He's actually running down to the hangar now to defend Red's honor. ]

Leave Red alone! You're not taking it anywhere!!
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You didn't just find it!!

[ Is this guy an idiot? Like, a for real one? Because that is what Keith is thinking right now. ]

It has already been claimed! By me! [ Though, really, Red is the one who claims Keith. So, when power comes back to it, Vaas is the one going to be in trouble. ] And it's a lion! You can't just put stripes on something and call it a different animal completely!

[ He's too young to have a heart attack, right? ]

Are you an idiot or something?!

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[?????/??? Allura's. just...

it's a mix of absolute confusion and anger and disgust over the fact that 1) someone who isn't a paladin is manhandling a Lion and 2) that this very someone has desecrated a Lion of Voltron.

What the quiznak did you do to the Red Lion? You will not be moving it anywhere.
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Not with a Lion of Voltron you won't.

There will be no way for you to move it, and you will wash off that horrendous paint!

[Allura's going to try So Hard to order this guy around even though she knows it's not going to work.]

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That's not a tiger, and I wouldn't try moving it if I were you.
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Because you painted them on. That doesn't make it a tiger.

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Wh-- you put that lion back the way you found it this instant!!
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You shouldn't be doing anything with it, let alone-- let alone painting it! That lion was built exclusively for Paladins of Voltron to pilot! No one else! That's all!!

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[ Other people have not succeeded in convincing this guy to act otherwise but-- ]

I don't think that belongs to you...
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So you really like the tech, huh?
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Isn't that what the strange cat thing is behind you? Some kind of technology?