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❅ [Video] un: captaincold

[Leonard's a bit leery when he activates the video comm on his device and gives it a very intent look, as if he could see through it to the entirety of the network. Spoilers: He can't. He just likes making people uncomfortable, if the lengthy silence is anything to go by.

As a matter of fact, it stretches on so long that it might seem like the video was an accident and he wasn't aware he was broadcasting. Don't be silly, he's not that careless.]

Here's the thing, [He begins calmly with a bit of a lilt to his voice as he speaks.] I'm no stranger to space travel. What I don't understand is how my ship [He sure did call the Waverider "his". He hopes Rip is rolling over back in their reality.] fell through this rift with me, but the rest of the crew did not.

Anyway, I'm Leonard Snart, also called Captain Cold by some. I'm a Sagittarius and like long walks on the beach at sunset, rom-coms, and holding hands. [No, he doesn't. All of that was a lie except his name and alias. If his deadpan delivery says anything at all, it's that he's a sarcastic little shit.]

I don't need friends, but in my experience, allies come in handy. I'm more likely to lend a hand to an ally than a stranger.
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Welcome to the fucking club. None of us know how we ended up in this fleet suddenly, and much less do we understand why we showed up without our respective... 'crews'.

'Captain Cold'... [Honestly, he shouldn't laugh, not with a name like Reaper. So he'll hold it back for now.] Looks like you'll have to get used to being lonely along with the rest of us.

Try to find some rom-coms to keep you company. Because the attitude of most allies you'll try to find up here are irritating at best.
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Tell me what you're capable of and I might consider myself an ally for you when things get rough. I've made it a point more than once over the network that I've got no interest in dealing with the civilians who get dragged onto the Eluvio.

There's been some real shit going down on the ship. I'm talking murder, on a concerning scale.

[He's talking like someone discussing the weather, that's definitely not concerning.]

Maybe you'll have better luck with Allies here. If you cherry-pick them, that is.
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[Reaper takes a minute to think about what Snart just said. Just a minute, before he points a curved claw at the video feed with a scoff.]

So you're a criminal. A thief, to put it in crude terms. [Honestly, his tone doesn't bear any sort of snide thought or distaste; maybe Gabriel Reyes would have had a problem with convicts, but Reaper certainly doesn't.]

I've dealt with cryotechnology in the form of weapons before. Pain in the ass. Meaning having one on my side wouldn't be a bad thing.

And when I first showed up? It was boring as hell here. Clue: Space Edition only recently started when we came back from a planet a little while ago. Think something's playing with us. Or trying to get some sort of revenge.

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(the stare-down is met with a quizzical look and a heavy tilt to his head, but he's quickly distracted...)

Your nickname's really Captain Cold? That's the best one I've heard yet!
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(he completely, 100%, honest-to-god loves the title. wants one for himself, even. kind of actually super jealous.)

I wish I had one, but I'd probably just end up Captain Wet and that's not cool at all.

(leonard didn't ask for this...)

Is it because you seem like a frigid bitch, or that maybe you have an ice ability?!

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un: felix

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[ Captain Cold? What the fuck kind of nickname is that? It's worse than Sharkface, by Felix's estimation, but slightly better than, say, Captain Cool would be. ]

What kind of ally are we talking about here?

[ Because there's do-gooder moron kind of allies, which Felix has zero interest in, and his kind of allies. ]

 The kind that'll help you move a body or the kind that'll help hide you when somebody's looking to make more bodies?
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[ Oh, now see, now he's getting Felix's hopes up. ]

Hiding's for chumps, it's true, but man, the universe is full of a lot of chumps. [ A beat as he considers. ] And a lot morons who don't know when to quit before they cross the line.

[ He's hoping the emphasis conveys the fact that he is not averse to making bodies that need hiding. Not averse at all. ]

Name's Felix. Also in the market for allies.

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video; un: greenememmachine

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You really call yourself Captain Cold?

[Pidge you're a Paladin of Voltron you have exactly zero room to talk.]
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Why? I mean of all the aliases to use, why Captain Cold?

[Pidge sounds more amused than confused by now.]

Sorry, just Cold. Do you have bad circulation or something?

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I don't know how many allies you're going to get when you're not including much incentive besides offering long walks on the beach and holding hands.
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How disappointing. And here I thought you were offering to hold hands.

What kind of ship are we talking about?
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Video | un; Lady Sif

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[ Leonard would probably have found Sif's completely deadpan stare during his long silence pretty hilarious if he could have seen it. She barely even blinked.

She can't really offer any theories about what happened to his crew, and as for those interests he listed (no, she absolutely does not pick up on the fact that he is trolling) they don't particularly impress her.

What is a Sagittarius?

[ Is it something useful? Some kind of warrior class?

If he wants allies, it would be good to know what he brings to the table himself.
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[ But she doesn't use it much. ]

If you truly seek allies, it seems unwise to only speak of things that you are not.

[ The useless driveling just to be a nuisance is making her think of Loki, actually. ]

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