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[ shiro had been napping in acedia, but the time for naps and relaxation is clearly over. he's back on the ship. and after this conversation, it's time for another network post. ]

I assume by now you've read this network post. This is not the time to point fingers or assign blame, it's the time to get all our information together, to figure this out.

I'd like to ask everyone who was piloting ships to and from Oros to let me know if they noticed anything unusual while doing so. It doesn't have to be a black and murdering mass, it could be anything. I was one of the pilots, so I know how cramped the ships were and how chaotic it got near the end. If you didn't notice anything, that might be useful information as well.
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From one tight mess to another.

I was with you on evac, but my time before that? Nothing but fearful beings wanting to get off that rock.

How many of us from the original mission are still alive? Awake. Here. How many rescue pilots are still here.
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Bodhi Rook was one of ours. I say ours as in... my original crew. Captain Cassian Andor, my programmer, was on the mission with me. He has gone missing. Jyn Erso has also gone missing, though she was not part of the teams. These are just the people I know personally and are all gone.

From Alpha team, I have not heard from: April O'Neil and Sam Anders. From Beta, I have not noticed anything from Lee Adama, the Leader of that team. I did not have contact with everyone however, and I was not scanning the network for them.
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[he would deny feelings. Droids do not have feelings, he would say, but he is hurting, badly. He has feelings, and he's been far too... out of it to be around others, only recently 'waking up' from a mild shut down enough to be around others.]

I would say they are in a better place, but finding Bodhi dead does not give me hope for the other two. And 'better place' would be a return to home, which they are dead in, so... there is no good outcome here.

A name or 'username' can be scanned with ease. If something is encrypted, I have a lower chance of scanning it, but the chance is high enough to try. If it will be helpful to the cause, I will attempt to be of assistance.
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I have reactivated myself and am mobile. Some repairs are needed, but nothing that will hold me down or fall apart, so I assume I am 'holding up' well.

My services are offered to those of us looking. I will do what I can to assist.

I am not one for detective work either, though I am programmed to solve puzzles. My captain was much more tuned in to organics and their ways. He would have been useful in this case.
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My captain went missing shortly after the Oros mission. Damage from the mission was never fixed.


I also found the Ira District on this planet to be interesting.

[He got pulled into a few Arena fights... and won a few rounds. It was 'interesting'.]
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I have heard of a few people who might be able to help. I just haven't bothered to ask. I may have to soon though. It could not hurt to look into it.

[Of course it's Hunk. He's very handy at these things. But he has to refuse! No, no, he wouldn't refuse... in truth he'd tackle it, with Pidge's help. But it's the same mun, and so I have to laugh.]
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[It's not a bad idea, and Hunk would be thrilled.]

I suppose you make a good point. I will look into repairs and upgrades soon.

[After he's done playing in Ira, since no one has bothered to stop him. It's been interesting to be self destructive.]
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[He sounds shaken when he replies, not really knowing how to process the information from the other post just yet. Responding to Shiro's is easier for now.]

Princess Allura, Karamatsu-san, and I were in one of the cargo ships together. We ferried both Trilk and Fek back, but we didn't notice anything unusual with the ones we brought in.

[A pause, and then more quietly--] Do you really think whatever's been killing the other passengers came back with one of the rescue groups?
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I didn't realize things were so... crazy before I got here.
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People are blowing up planets here, too? Great.

[At least they'd had a nice nap.]

I liked spending time with you, though.
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