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How many people here are familiar with magic? And has anyone found a way to make it stop breaking technology? [There seem to be some, but it's probably best to ask, rather than encounter them at random. And perhaps one of them has worked out a way to deal

And there's another thing she wants to ask.]

Has anyone here encountered Dead creatures or necromancers, either in this place, or wherever you come from? Are any of you familiar with the Charter, or the Old Kingdom?
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I am familiar with both magic, the undead, and necromancers, though I am uncertain what precisely you mean by the Charter. Is it a diplomatic document of some sort?
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I am unfamiliar with that type of magic. Though admittedly I am not a mage. Perhaps those of my world see what they practice similarly.

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[ Now this is speaking his language. ]

I've found having a light touch aids in not completely breaking the assortment of items in this place.
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Yes, that seems to do the trick well enough! Though, in truth, much of the equipment here is able to withstand a great deal of magic before breaking down.

[ He thinks back to when they were trapped for a while in his quarters. He adds; ]

Or not breaking down at all...

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I'm kinda new to the whole "magic" thing. We have it in my world, but I'm not a warlock or anything so I don't know a whole lot about it. And I'm not sure my runes really count as magic in that sense, either.
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They're symbols that I can draw on things, usually myself, for certain abilities.
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I'd like to say I'm familiar with magic, since I have a close friend who is constantly performing it, but it's the type of magic that can make flowers and doves appear from nowhere and fill the room. It's not the type you mean, is it? Fufu, though I did watch him hypnotize someone once.

There was also a strange student who liked to sleep in coffins and pretend things that I know, but he's nowhere here to be found.
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Oh no, I have no knowledge of anything like that.

Though I did meet someone who called himself Death here. After dancing with death so many times myself, it was such an exciting experience that my heart almost ruptured. You might want to speak to him, seeing as he's dead himself.

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I have magic back on my world! But only those with elvish blood can use it.

Mmm and would skeletons count?
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Oh you don't have elves on your world? They're very good at magic. Humans can't really use it where I'm from.

Yes! I'm not sure how though.

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Unfortunately, I'm not. I think it might be...a myth to a lot of people.

[Still, the concept of it existing is interesting to him, it's why he bothered to reply at all]

Someone here might be able to help with the technology end.

Is the Old Kingdom...your home?

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magic is a fictional concept created to explain natural concepts in primitive societies that have not made the requisite advancements in science

[Yeah. Yeah. What now.]

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i've never run into magic that breaks technology.

besides, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

and i've never heard of that stuff, sorry

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i've seen some magic, but i didn't know it breaks technology
it hasn't, from what i've seen

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It depends on your definition of "magic". By what I assume you mean, yes and no. Don't use it around technology if you're having problems.

I don't know any of the latter terms you've used, however.
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I know magic! And dead creatures, I suppose. Not any of the other stuff, though.

Is your magic breaking things? Can you not control it?

[It's a topic he's spent a lot of time thinking about.]