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[ On the feed today seems to be a somewhat sleepy Nanami, yawning ever so slightly before she manages to compose herself. She's trying, to say the least. ]

It's the fourteenth of March, I think... that means it's my birthday. I've never celebrated one before, so I was wondering how do you guys celebrate your birthdays? I was thinking of maybe playing video games all day, but I do that almost all the time so maybe I should try something new, 'cause it's my birthday and it's supposed to be special, probably.

[ She yawns, almost exaggeratedly so before speaking up again. ] ... Maybe I might try sleeping a little more today.
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Is it?

[He pauses for a moment. Maybe it is.]

I guess it is. I haven't celebrated my birthday in a long time though. I may have gotten gifts in the past. It's hard to remember.

I think Titan was a birthday present.

I wonder if it was a present the day he was taken away as well....
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Sometimes. Parents will give gifts for their children, very close friends might as well. If you're dating someone you would also give them a birthday present. You might do it if you like someone as well.


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[Yuuri tilts his head as he studies her over the screen.] Is this Na-chan or Chi-chan? [He still can't tell the difference between them yet.]

Ah, back home, birthdays were celebrated with cakes. You got presents from your family and friends, too. [He pauses.] You really haven't celebrated it before?
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[He smiles at her. He isn't sure what the connection between her and the other Nanami is, but they'd implied that it was complicated... ]

If that's true, we'll just have to make sure your first celebration is a good one. Will Chi-chan be celebrating hers, too?

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Gahahaha! Happy birthday, Nanami!

It's a shame you haven't celebrated one before... I personally treat mine like any other day. But parties and giving presents are pretty par for the course. As long as you're enjoying yourself, that's what really matters!
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If you so chose! The power is in your hands!

Parties are pretty common. Especially in childhood... and I hear a lot of foreign countries are more gung-go about celebrating birthdays than we are. But basically, these parties usually involve friends or family treating you to dinner and presents!

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I will admit, I am still unfamiliar with the time and date keeping which Victor has helped to establish on board this ship, but it is interesting how it is familiar with so many people who have been brought in.

Ordinarily my day of birth would have been celebrated with a formal party. An exchange of gifts from family and friends was also custom.
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I am to assume you are from Earth, then?
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[Right. She probably wouldn't have ever had a chance to celebrate, would she? That seems fucked up and, well, sad, kind of.]

It's your birthday. You should do whatever you want. That's the whole point, right? Making some huge deal out of it is always a big pain in the ass anyway....

[Speaking as someone whose birthday was professionally Some Huge Deal every year, you see.]
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[There's a moment where he looks contemplative— when is Nanami's birthday? He feels like he should know, or did know, maybe, like it's bit of trivia that got shredded by more pertinent information. But which Nanami is that? The one on Jabberwock, right? This Nanami? Did he ever know her birthday, when there was so much else to worry about?

It makes his head hurt. Better to go the simpler route:]

Beats the hell outta me. Not like it hurts to ask, though, right?

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Happy birthday.

[ It's likely that Owari's never celebrated her birthday before least not in a traditional sense. But Nanami's a friend, so she'll try putting in her two cents anyway. ]

I dunno. Most people open presents and eat lots of food, right?

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It's your birthday? Oh! Happy birthday!

Something new would be fun, but I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Like your Vidi games!


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Happy Birthday.

[So many March birthdays. His friend had one recently too.]

Back home...we had parties for birthdays. Usually with some kind of sweet dessert to share and gifts for the person who has the birthday.

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Grandfather and I would cook pirozhki and just spend the day together.

Though video games sound amazing. Where the hell do they have video games here?
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Happy birthday.

[ that's a good start. as for her question: ] I don't really celebrate mine.

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