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Hey guys. Sorry if anyone was looking for me last night.

Apparently something hit me. Pretty hard actually. I don't... really remember a lot of it. I remember things got dark and something attacked me. It was too fast, so before anyone asks: no I didn't see who or what it was. It was too dark for me to see and it was too fast for me to get any better light on it. And honestly it hit my head first. Everything after that is such a blur....

Actually, that's the real reason I'm posting about this.

I can't remember anything from the past two weeks. So just as a heads up to everyone, sorry if I've forgotten something important.

And... while I'm at it, can anyone confirm when everything just kind literally and metaphorically exploded? That'd be really helpful right now.

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you lost your memory?

[ Didn't we just leave this party? Now is a really bad time for Jace to have flashbacks to the first time they met.

He ought to chide her for getting caught like that. For not fighting back, for being taken unawares. He can't do it, given that he's too busy feeling glad she's okay.

this all started two weeks ago. that's convenient, don't you think?
you need to get checked out by medical
people have been dying, clary. you're lucky it wasn't worse than it was.
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unwilling passengers like us

[ At least, that's the pattern he's seen. ]

no one whose name i knew. we don't know what's doing it but they're not big on leaving whole bodies behind

i've been patrolling but i haven't found anything. last i saw you, you were helping with repairs.

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Shouldn't you see a doctor? Head injuries are a pain in the ass.
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It was actually about two weeks ago that everything started going haywire! You really can't remember any of that?
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That's right! So you remember that much.

Is there anyone around who saw you during that time period? Maybe they could refresh your memory!

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You're okay? You're not concussed?

There were explosions on the 14th, yes, though I hadn't known until later that day. Beyond the continued power trouble, a handful of our companions have been found brutally murdered. It's been troubling, put lightly.
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Are you willing to check up with any of the newer Anomaly arrival medical personnel? Just wondering.

I... the names I am aware of include Bodhi Rook, Rey, and Ukoku Sanzo. There was another body found. I have no idea if it was identified.

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you too, red?

i'm not buying it. i'm not missing the full two weeks but i'm missing way too much time to be comfortable with this, and i've got a fancy scar on my head that is way too neat for a simple 'injury'.

also, someone fucked with friday. im not saying this ship is full of liars, but this ship is full of liars.

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[Not for the first time, Yuuri feels a little guilty that he hadn't checked in on as many people as he should've after the blackout and the murders happened.]

The power went out on the 14th, if that's what you're asking. I can help you fill in anything else you're missing.

Are you okay? Have you had your head looked at in the medbay?

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[personal profile] thisisourfuture 2017-03-01 09:22 pm (UTC)(link) all started two weeks ago.

I imagine by now people have told you about the string of murders?

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[Emil feels his nonexistent heart squeeze as she talks. He doesn't know anyone who got murdered, and he's relieved she got away from... whoever it was.]

Oh no, Clary, I'm really glad you're okay! A lot of people have been getting attacked on the ship lately.

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Did you see a doctor?

[ this deserves actual capitalization. ]

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have you seen anyone about it? head injuries aren't something to mess around with.
especially with everything that's been going on lately.
you might want to be more careful.

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Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you're all right. If my dates are correct though two weeks ago is roughly when we now I'm just curious if you remember me or not. But as long as you're okay...that's what matters!

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