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UN: Suoh | Video

[ The recording turns on showing a blaze of fire and at its center stands Mikoto. He looks back at the recorder while his red aura flares around him like wildfire lighting up the training arena. ]

How long are we supposed to stay here like this?

[ Trapped like wild animals. Someone is getting antsy and with the fire alarms not working... well, he can't be held responsible for what he does to get rid of the boredom.  ]

If we're going to kick the bucket, I rather do it on my own terms.

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[voice] un: hello

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[The voice on the other end doesn't sound scared really, just kind of tired and very young.]

Things are a little better now, so they must be working on it! We'll be okay soon, I'm sure of it.

[A pause, and then:]

Are you... on fire?
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[Definitely the latter. But Emil is pretty confident in his belief.]

You made the fire? And you can control it like that?

[No doubt about it: he's impressed.]
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[The little display gets a little 'ooh!' from Emil. Cool! He has magic, but it's not really good for light shows.]

You must be one of the magic users Victor was talking about! That's amazing, how did you learn how to do that?
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So it just came to you in time?

[Interesting. And encouraging, at least from his perspective. But this guy probably isn't interested in harping about magic.]

Anyway... I don't think we should start worrying about kicking any buckets yet! They've got to be working on the problem. And they might be having better luck on the other ships...
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[video] un: Colette

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[He's on fire? That is metal. Colette wishes she could properly appreciate the sight of it.

But first, his question, and her mouth pulls into a small, worried frown. It's dark on her end, save for the ambient lighting casting enough glow to show the features of her face.]

Mm, I'm sure the crew is working on it! I saw some of the lights come on, too.

[The emergency ones. Which sadly doesn't amount for a lot]
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Oh! Is that what they're called?

[Ah, makes sense. Lights for an emergency. She nods, and doesn't seem to realize any further implications]
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Mm, so you mean until the actual lights come back on...

[She gets it now. That doesn't exactly put a damper in her spirit, but the man's concern is understandable.]

I'm sure if we give it time, things will improve. [Which is a weak argument to give; she knows it through her smile] Is your door open yet?
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[Oh dear, was it supposed to be...]

It's okay, sir! If yours was already open, then I'm sure mine is just jammed.
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You don't sound like you're holding up too well right now.