Feb. 10th, 2017

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[ The recording captures the burgundy-skinned synthezoid touching his dog tags before android-like eyes rise up to meet the camera. He's hesitant at first, pressing his lips together as if unsure how to start until: ]

I am sorry for the disturbance. [ His fingers run over the cool metal ] These identification markers [ call them dog-tags! ]. Since I've been given one,  does this mean I'm allowed to move through the ship without prior approval?

[ There's a hint of hope that flickers through his eyes at that question. He's not entirely certain but from what he's gathered, it seems to be the case. Still, he prefers a direct answer rather than to assume. ]

forcechoke: ([:|] you're part of a machine)
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First off, whoever built these buckets of bolts in the hangar bay need to be let go. This is what happens when you let factories churn out garbage in large numbers: who's quality checking?

[He is. He's been here all of a few days, and he's already sequestered in the hangar, lamenting (loudly) over the sad state of automated affairs. This is where the video starts: he has the communicator propped up a short distance away as he's digging into the mechanics of one of the robots that had glitched out and come to a jerking halt with a wrench still clenched in its hand.

He mutters something about matrices before finally looking back up. This isn't the real point behind the message, regardless of how distracted he currently seems.]

Sad state of mechanical affairs aside, I have a question. [He sounds suddenly hesitant, as if he honestly doesn't want to ask it at all. He even rolls his shoulders back uncomfortably, before taking a long, deliberate breath.] I'm looking for a sparring partner. Swordsmanship proficiency if I can find it.

[Hoping against hope, but he doesn't sound too hopeful at all. As far as he knows, those who can really challenge him in this area are all back home, and neither side of that equation has a way to get back to the other... yet.]

Might as well make the most of being stuck out here, anyway.

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