Jan. 16th, 2017

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[ The lighting is a little dim when the feed clicks on, the time of day pretty ambiguous. Is it morning? Night? Afternoon? We just don't know. The picture wobbles for a moment or two before Jason gets himself into view. There's a liquid sort of smile on his lips, his eyes lidded a bit heavily. It's clear someone's having fun. A little too much fun. In the background there's muffled thumping music; in the foreground Jason lifts a glass like a toast. ]

Hey. So, here's the thing. [ He takes a drink from the glass then noisily sets it down.  ] I know some of you are down on that planet doing shit or whatever. But listen— [ he brings the device closer, the picture going dark as it nearly presses against his cheek, ] listen. I have a request, okay?

[ He pulls the device back, still wearing a smile, but so totally serious. It's serious!! Are you guys listening?? ]

Bring me something back. [ His free hand lifts to mime smoking something against his mouth. ] Some good shit. Gotta be some cool alien shit down there, right?? [ He points his index finger up. ] No hallucinogenics, though. Oh! [ He looks excited for a second, index finger and thumb forming into the shape of a gun. ] Or some sweet alien weapons. How cool would that be??

[ Yes. He actually wastes time making what he thinks are alien gun noises. So a couple wooshes and pew-pew's. Thankfully, he does stop and sits there quietly for a moment or two. Then he gets up and takes a few steps, ]

The rest of you stuck up here like the chumps we are, come join me if you want. [ The music gets louder as he opens the door. ] It's fun! Let's have some fuckin' fun!

[ The camera pans out. He's in a club. A strip club. Women, men, naked, half-naked. It's fun!!! It's all good. Jason yells something unintelligible off-screen just before it goes black. ]

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