Jan. 9th, 2017

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I hope no one minds answering this: What languages did you speak or write back in your world/galaxy/universe/etc? If you have the time, could you also write out the alphabet of the languages you know and attach a picture of them in your reply?

I recently found out that a language I know matches up with someone else's, and we aren't even from the same galaxy. It could be interesting to see if any others are the same. I don't know if this information will be useful later on, but I'm going to keep a record of it all just in case.

I'll send a copy of the file to anyone who wants it later. Thanks.
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The video feed begins in a rather dark room, the ship dark because, as a passing clock reveals, it is nearly 2 AM in the ship's day cycle. The girl in the picture is pale - so luminously pale, in fact, that the light source she does find to light this little feed makes her dark attire and blue eye shadow make her look a little... well, ghostly. She is illuminated by only the blue-ish glow of the light from outside and the faint nightlighting in the room, face glowing white in the enveloping blackness behind her. Thoughts run wild, now that they were orbiting the planet that they were meant to set foot on, now that she could see it and -

It brings a strange sense of wonder, but not in the way that a child plays with a new toy, or how she had looked at the stars outside of the ship the first time she'd crossed paths with a window. No, it's the deep kind of contemplation that comes with an almost nervous energy that kept her up and pacing well past the time she probably should have laid her head down to sleep, considering she had no idea what the coming days would bring. A manicured thumb nail reaches her mouth, though she doesn't begin to chew it, seemingly chewing ideas more than anything else.

"Seeing the view of this planet makes me wonder what my own looked like from orbit - what.. the people who were dropping back to Earth after thousands of years saw all that time that they were living in space, completely separate from the rest of us in our domes actually on Earth." She looks to the camera for a moment, and then away, before speaking again, just a little.. lower. More thoughtfully.

"Did they view it as something they would have to conquer, in their own way, as we're looking at this planet? Or was it more like a homecoming if your home had been left to gather dark and dust for years with no one caring for it? I imagine the latter, since humankind had been on Earth long before space... But then, what are we to this planet in particular?

"I remember a certain quote from Newton that said 'Thus this Earth resembles a great animall or rather inanimate vegetable, draws in æthereall breath for its dayly refreshment & vitall ferment & transpires again with gross exhalations, And according to the condition of all other things living ought to have its times of beginning youth, old age, & perishing.

"So.. what happens if we land on this planet and find it's inhabitants much more worthy of working with than stealing from? Or exactly the opposite? Could we be the ones that bring old age and perishing, depending on what is already occurring there? 

"Or am I just debating too fiercely with myself over something that isn't an issue? I'm sure Daedalus would tell me as much." 

That seems to be all she has to say for the moment, contemplating quietly for a moment before cutting the feed without as much as a goodbye. 

(OOC : Feel free to use brackets or whatever to reply - this one just kind of... came out this way and I wasn't in the mood to transfer it to bracketing. :) ) 

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