Jan. 2nd, 2017

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[What is the first thing that Zelos does when he realizes that these little wrist devices can communicate to everyone on the ship? That's simple.]

Yo, hunnies! [His voice sounds loud and clear across the communicators, his face also making a grinning appearance. Well, as much as this announcement might seem carefree, he's actually just fishing to see who's all on this ship. He heard there were a few groups of people in front of him at least, so who's he looking at here? He can't properly stay safe if he doesn't know the whole set up.]

Check me out! Are you seeing this, or what? Man, I look so cool, even on these little wrist bands! [His laughter sounds out, obnoxiously cheerful about this.] You guys can all hear me, right? Testing, testing, one, two, three...!

[He's probably made himself hated to more than half of the ship by now, but that's fine.] The name's Zelos Wilder, but you can just call me Zelos. ♥ We're all the unfortunate souls stuck in this screw up, right? So let's get along!

[That's his short and simple message, and with a wink, he turns the video off.]
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[ The crew jumpsuit they gave him is tight with bright purple stripes running the length of it, when he's used to baggy plain grey. Wearing it he feels more like a podracer superstar than a former Imperial cargo pilot, which in turn makes him both slightly more confident and slightly more nervous, his body language all crossed legs and fidgeting. His dark eyes dart, nervous. ]

Listen. Listen. Hello, yes, listen, I need help.

[ He sounds a little urgent about it, voice dropped low. ]

Um, I've followed the instructions, and turned up to work, and I want to work, I do. It's the least I could do, I think.

[ He feels grateful enough to even be here that he's fallen immediately back into the old routine of following orders, and after the initial introduction and orientation was over his orders were to report for his first shift at the electronics store. So he's done that before even going to see if the directions to his ship held true. Before even seeing Cassian and Jyn. And that has... well, proven to be a mistake. ]

I've worked out how to send a message — assuming anyone actually sees this — but I don't really know how to fix them. Does anybody have any tips about using the technology here? It's just a little, um, different from what I'm used to. Okay. Thank you.

[ He seems a little sheepish about having to ask at all, grimacing to himself as he ends the transmission and signs off. ]

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