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TEXT, UN: ░░░░░░

This will not be a gentle network post and I will not expect gentility in return. I've uncovered something I thought you will like to know and have decided to share with you ... Are you paying attention, friends?

I was the direct catalyst in the decimation of Oros, a part of Beta Team on the relic retrieval mission given to us by flight deck crew member Lt. James. Single-handedly, I deactivated the planet's defence grid, resulting in the thermonuclear holocaust that wiped out countless species, as well as endangered the future of the Trilk and Fek refugees onboard this battleship ... Let me make myself clear: What this means to you, or the liaisons put in charge of these aliens, means nothing to me. If you want to whine about semantics, try contacting the ones who sent us down to Oros blind ... Ask them why they decided to give me a present for that job well done ...

There is something happening on the ISC Eluvio and if haven't recognized this after the gory warnings we've been given, you're all fools and I was right not to trust you with this information until now

Listen very carefully -.

I was left a puzzle box upon my return to HQ, it was sitting in my room. Heavily encrypted, meant for the hacker who took down the relic's arrays on Oros. Took all of my skill to uncover coordinates that led me to a data chip hidden inside of a fork dispenser that some of you assisted me in retrieving ... Which led me to another hidden inside of a fighter craft in the hangar bay. These data chips, also encrypted by technology and code I have never seen before, each contained a video featuring a man named Chris ...

The first video outlined the location of the second chip. He was distressed and it was urgent .

The second video was him again, injured, scared, pissed. The recording told me that he made a mistake, that "we thought we were helping them". Two coworkers he confirmed as dead on this video, saying that they're all being hunted and this no doubt applies to us as a whole ... It cut to another time, he said "it wasn't a distress call, it was a trap, they needed us to come, they're a part of it" and something about an "it" killing us all .

A huge, black mass silenced him, then, but I caught nothing of what it really looked like up close -

I am trying to describe this as best I can to you people who did not see it, but directly after the video went dark ... A text appeared like in some cheesy horror movie like the Ring. If I submitted this info to a couple of local movie producers on Bajikan, they'd laugh me out of the district. You feel me?

- "It's too late, I'm already here" is what the message to me said

You understand where this is going without me needing to hold your hands ... You probably didn't enjoy reading all of this and I didn't enjoy typing it because to be a harbinger is a pain in my ass, but this is my gift to you friends. For all of the people who were doubtful of the sanctity of this ship like me, this is our proof - you can take my word as truth or consider this post a liar's attempt to pin blame on others for the mistakes she's knowingly made. This does not concern me ... You have no words that can beat me down better than my own, I recommend you do not try or make an enemy of a teammate .

If you encrypt replies or respond anonymously to this message, I will find out who you are and I will know what you are discussing ... Keep this in mind, as we eventually move away from the "safety" of Bajikan. Sleep tight Eluvio
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[ shiro reads this twice while still in acedia and then again after he's left the district, head clearer. it's no less worrisome without the sleepy haze. the opposite, really. ]

You think it has something to do with the deaths on board? [ it's only half a question, really. ] Any idea what distress call he's referring to?
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In light of everything that has been going on, I'm not sure it's only a conspiracy theory.

What do you mean by "it felt similar"?

I haven't heard of any distress call. As far as I'm aware, the crew approached Oros not because of any distress call, but because they wanted something from the planet.
[ and he's not happy about her role or anyone's role in disabling the defence grid and what happened after, but she's right to invoke pragmatism. ]
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Fair enough. I don't like the idea of anyone toying with us, but that doesn't mean it's not the right impression. If that's what you got from those videos as well, that's as good a clue as any. More than we've had so far.

I've been patrolling the halls and searching for information on this with some others, but we didn't get anything useful.

I was on one of the ships that brought refugees back to the Eluvio. I'd like to think that I would have noticed anyone else coming along for the ride, since things were pretty cramped. Maybe we should talk to all pilots.

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I'll make a post on the network and see how much information I can gather, and I'll talk to anyone I knew piloted one of the ships.

Not everyone might be reliable, but I'd like to think we'll get further working together.
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We're literally all in the same boat, I know. [ same ship, but same difference. ]

You don't seem to have a very high opinion of most people here.
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I tend to judge people based on their behaviour, not their opinion of me.